Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh Kindle, I Want to Turn the Page

I was reading the wonderful blog, Advanced Fiction Writing, authored by Randy Ingermanson this weekend.  His blog has been a fantastic source of information on how to write.  I have been cutting and pasting blogs into MS Word documents so that I could highlight, underline and otherwise mark-up as I studied what Randy had to say on topics.

I was aware that he had put his blogs together as a part of a book, Writing Fiction For Dummies, co-authored with Peter Economy.  Anyway, the blog I was reading said the book was being offered as a Kindle download at a special price for a limited time - FREE!

Can't do better than that price.  So I downloaded the book and began reading it on my PC via Kindle for PC.

Because I am writing a novel as a NaNoWriMo participant this month and it was time for me to begin fleshing out my dialogue with description and narration, I wanted to read Writing Fiction For Dummies's chapters on scenes. 

And when I did, I found out why I want paper pages.  When you finish chapter 11 and want to jump to chapter 14, its really hard to do in Kindle.  Turning to the next page is easy.  Jumping around in a book.  Not very easy.

I think reading a novel will be fine.  But, I logged onto Amazon and bought the book to hold in my hand and read.  Now, I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver.  Maybe that's why it was free.  Hook me with a free Kindle version then sell me the hard copy I really want.  Good marketing!

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