Sunday, November 21, 2010

Die Trying by Lee Child

Today I finished reading Die Trying by Lee Child.  A most enjoyable read. 

Last week I finished the outline of the third act with it's thrilling climax of the novel I am writing in connection with NaNoWriMo.  I had previously written the dialogue for Act 1 and 2.  So this week I wanted begin writing the narrative and descriptive portions of each scene. 

When I started writing the description and narrative portions of the scenes.  I hit a STONE WALL.  In business I learned to cut through the fluff and get to the bottom line as quickly as possible.  What is the essence of the problem.  What is the solution.  Summarize on one page.  Skills developed over many years.  Honed to an edge.  Cut to the marrow.  

That was the problem.  My chapters had no fluff or very much meat.  Everything was cut to the bone.  And I realized.  While I like to read literature, I don't think that way.  I do understand that I need to describe a scene fully from a point of view so that a reader can be in the scene with the point of view character.  But I don't look at things in detail.  I paint things with a broad brush.  The details are a struggle.  Tonight I'll finish with only 30,000 words.  I'm worried that I will possibly finish my novel, Bon Secour, with less than 50,000 words in total.  If my novel needs to be 100,000 words long, what will I do?

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