Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett

Suzy and I had a conversation recently about how I am beginning Bon Secour.  She was telling me that I didn't need to begin with a big bang.  That I could do it like Ken Follett did in The Eye of the Needle

I think she had just read [listened to an Audible book on her iPhone] The Eye of the Needle.  But then, her memory is much better than mine and could have remembered it from back then. 

I read The Eye of the Needle in 1979.  I couldn't remember squat about the story.  Just that it was good enough that it launched my reading everything Ken Follett wrote over the years except The Pillars of the Earth.  (I bought that one and it sat on my to-read shelf for 15+ years.  It was just too long to start until this Summer when the TV mini-series peaked my interest again.)

Anyway, I read The Eye of the Needle again today.  A thoroughly great read.  I'm going to add this one to my style development exercises. 

But, I think I'm going to still start Bon Secour with a big bang.

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