Friday, January 22, 2010

Teach Yourself: Writing A Novel by Nigel Watts

Today I finished reading Teach Yourself: Writing A Novel (1996) by Nigel Watts.

"Successful author and veteran writing teacher Nigel Watts walks you through the novel-writing process-from germinating an idea, through developing plot, character and theme, to finding an agent and contacting publishers. He also provides priceless pointers on how to get started and keep the momentum going and how to conquer writer's block. Each chapter features examples from some of the greats along with skill-building exercises. This new edition contains fully updated listings of writing courses and additional resources not found in the previous edition." - Google Books

This book is a clear case of "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover".  I bought the book through Amazon from it's descripton.  When the book came and I looked at it, I almost didn't read it.  I thought, "nothing good can come out of this book."  But I was wrong.  Watts covers the issues very well.  It is one of the best books for a beginning writer that I have read.

I rate the book 3 stars.

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