Friday, January 1, 2010

Goal 2010 – Write a Book

On my birthday in August and at New Year’s Day, two times every year, I set goals.

Some of these goals have been the same every time. You know, “Lose 20 pounds.” Lord, I’ve been moving that goal forward every time for the last 30 years without much success.

Mostly, I don’t reach my goals. Probably because I set really high goals. But, sometimes I do. And when I have, it’s been life changing.

This year my main goal for the New Year 2010 is to write a book.

Why? Because, I’m bored. I need a challenge.

Ten years ago I fought a battle with colon-rectal cancer. It was a long hard fight against stage 4. My daughter, the MD, told me, “Daddy, make a list of everything you want to do and get on it Half of those who make it 5 years don’t make it 10.” I made my bucket list, sold my business, retired and spent the last ten years marking things off.

But here I am ten years later – healthy and bored. I’ve occupied myself by doing a lot of genealogical research on my family over the past nine years, but I need a bigger challenge.

So, I’m going to write a book. I don’t have a clue how. But, I’m going to learn how and do it!

Come along on the journey.

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