Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I read a blog that suggested that every author should have a Pinterest page to attract readers.

I couldn't figure out how selecting (pinning) photographs and posting them to my Pinterest page could possibly attract readers to an author.

I talked to my daughter who actively "pins".  She explained to me how it worked and showed me her pages.  I laughed heartily at some of the quotes and sayings she had collected and pinned.

I like quotes and funny sayings.  So, I started a Pinterest account.  I have pages for Hot Rods (my hobby), My Garage (photos of my cars), Humor and Quotes, Gardens (to post my photos of flowers and gardens), Pin Up art, Favorite Places (Places I've been to), Wow! (amazing photos) and My Style (photos of my tropical shirts).  And, I set up a page for Bon Secour where I intend to post photos of people, places and things that will be described in the book.

Maybe this will capture the attention of readers who stopped by to look at photos of gardens or hot rods.  It has a reference to this blog.  Who knows.  They may visit the blog.

What I can tell you is that Pinterest is as addictive as I imagine crack cocaine to be.

The blogger who said we needed a Pinterest account must have decided that if we all had an account he would have less competition because we would all be pinning instead of writing.  Pinning is so much fun, but it eats up all available time.  It's addictive!

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