Thursday, June 9, 2011

HRPT Day 6 - Indiana and Michigan Are Pretty. The Locals Friendly.

Indiana and Michigan Are Pretty. The Locals Friendly.

This morning we left Indianapolis for Muskegon. It was 65 outside and we drove with the windows down.

They have the prettiest grass; there is no drought in Indiana or Michigan. The grass is a beautiful shade of green and as we drove past fields where hay was being cut it was a delightful smell. The funny part was it smelled like a freshly cut watermelon.

It rained on us for a couple of hours. Eventually the convertible top leaked a little where the top sealed against the windshield. We pulled out a towel and laid it in our laps and enjoyed the rain cooled day.  

At one gas stop we ran across a grandfather and his young grandson enjoying a wet drive in this "interesting" rod.  We lent them some Rain-X to help with the lack of wipers.

The venue today was in downtown Muskegon. Four thousand cars and one thousand parking places. Not pretty.

Tonight we opted for something besides burgers and pizza. We went to the local KFC for fried chicken. The chicken was ordinary. I said hi to an elderly gentleman as I passed where he was eating. On his way to his car he stopped at our table and sat with us while we ate. His name was Leon. He's 88. Buried two wives. Used to be in the grocery store business. He took us on the grand tour of Grand Haven, MI which included the beach at Lake Michigan at sunset, an overlook of the town from a large hill, a beautifully restored downtown area and finally back to our motel. He drove an immaculate '82 Mercedes coupe with 80,000 miles.


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