Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HRPT Day 5 - Rolling on the Bricks

Rolling on the Bricks
Yesterday we drove 290 miles from Nashville to Indianapolis. My car behaved and nothing broke.
We are driving with Steve Weeks of Hope Hull, AL. Steve is driving a 1972 Dodge Demon. He bought the car when he was in college in 1972 and has held on to it all these years. He restored it about 4 years ago. We met him at Bowling Green last year and he was one of the people who helped us home last year when we broke down in Birmingham. Anyway, yesterday his brakes began making a terrible clunking sound when he applied them. So last night we did surgery on his front brakes in the parking lot of the hotel. One of two bolts holding the driver's front brake caliper in position on the rotor had fallen out and the other one was loose. After 5 auto parts stores we went to Lowes and found a bolt that will work until he can get it home and get the right bolt. We then double checked the other side and found both bolts loose; we worked on his car until 11pm.
The big deal at this venue was to drive your car around the track at the Indy Speedway. We signed up for the drive. But, wound up playing parking lot mechanics instead.
Today we drive to Muskegon, MI. USA Today's weather map shows it will only be in the upper 70s. That is wonderful news.

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