Thursday, March 10, 2011

How lucky do you feel?

He sat in the examination room of his Family Care Doctor with his wife.  No one said much.  She was there to make sure she got the answers she wanted to hear.  He didn't usually ask the right questions. 

The doctor arrived.  The doctor explained what nodules usually meant.  She explained what the mesinary was that the nodules sat on.  And, that the oncologists recommendation of surgery to remove the nodules was indicated.

He told her that he wanted to wait for a second opinion on the need for surgery.  He was going to Shreveport for his annual cancer doctors check ups in early April.  He wanted to ask them what they thought.  She said the decision could wait.

She said, "I won't tell you that you have to have surgery.  But, what I will say is, How lucky do you feel?"

Ya gotta luv it when your doctor thinks she's Clint Eastwood.

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