Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flip worry switch off

Before breakfast his admitting doctor popped in.  He was a different kind of doctor.  So laid back.  Didn't get ruffled.  "I hear you want an oncologist"
"We'll get one.  Did GI doctor come by yesterday?"
"Well we'll get his ideas too."

I can live with mystery bleeding if I know there are no carcinoids.

It was Thursday, December 23rd.  When offered the chance to go home for Christmas and do future tests as an out-patient, it was a no-brainer.  He was gone!  (Of course, when this happens in real life it actually takes 2 hours to be discharged.)

Plan was for a CEA, 5Hiaa, CT scan, PET scan and the swallow the pill camera scan to begin the week after Christmas.  God, it felt good to have a plan.  Flip plan switch on.  Flip worry switch off.

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