Friday, October 29, 2010

The Hard Way by Lee Child

Today I read The Hard Way by Lee Child.  NaNoWriMo starts on Monday, November 1st and this is probably the only novel I will get to read for a month.  What a delight it was. 

It was my first time to read a Lee Child novel.  And, of course, my first time to meet Jack Reacher.  My curiosity had been tweaked by a segment on last Sunday's CBS Sunday Morning program.  I thought if the Reacher character stirs up this much interest I'd better look into it.

Well, I can see why.  He is a fantastic character.  I want to read more of his adventures.  And, I found Child's use of dialog to carry the story to be unlike anything I have read.  I thought to myself, 'he just doesn't use any narrative.'  Maybe I can copy some of that style for Bon Secour and emphasize dialogue.

My secret desire is to read all of the Reacher novels immediately.  But I will be strong and resist the temptation.  And instead write like crazy during NaNoWriMo.  But look for me to be reading a Reacher novel beginning December 1st.

A good read.  Heartily recommended!

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