Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ford County Stories by John Grisham

Today I finished reading Ford County Stories by John Grisham.

I read Ford County Stories to learn more about how short stories are written.  I like reading Grisham novels and I thought this would be fun.  Not.  Ford County Stories is a collection of short stories set in Ford County, Mississippi, the setting for my favorite Grisham novel, A Time to Kill.

I enjoyed two of the stories.  The rest were okay.  Except one, it was awful.

I've been writing a short story that deals with a sliver of my antagonist's, Bob Lee, back story.  Most of the blog posts I've been reading on how to write a short story say that it is actually harder to write a good short story than to write a good novel.  After reading Ford County Stories by John Grisham I believe them.  Grisham can write a great novel.

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