Thursday, February 3, 2011

Get a Job

My new day job starts today.  I'll be attending the Mississippi Affordable Housing QAP Conference in Biloxi.

I'm going to be a client representative for a firm that provides market studies and environmental site assessments to developers of affordable housing projects.

The great part is that most of my work will be done telecommuting.  My contacts with clients will be by mail, email, and phone.  I can sit at my computer in shorts and sandals while I work with a view of the Gulf.  Isn't that great. 

I've been reading that I needed a job to support my writing hobby.  Now I have one.

I'm looking forward to the social contact aspects of working again.  Writing is lonely.

 After you turn 65, a lot of doors are closed to you.  Some should be.  I can't do manual labor anymore. (Probably never could, actually.)  But my brain is sharp and my business skills were highly developed before I let them rust these past ten years of retirement.  I know I can make someone a lot of money.  And like Zig Ziglar said, "You can have anything you want if you let enough other people have what they want."  I owe Ford and Becky a special thank you for letting me work again.  I'm going to make you some money.

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