Saturday, January 22, 2011

Writing Tools by Peter Clark

Today I finished reading Writing Tools by Peter Clark

I bought this book because some How-To book author recommended it.  I'm glad they did.  It is unique on my reference shelf.  Instead of talking about structure, characters, theme, etc., this book is about how to write.  I imagine it is what a line editor would tell you about your sentence.  Most of it went over my head rapidly.  But that doesn't mean I won't be back to it for a little more after I absorb what I learned during my first pass.  There's enough meat here to keep you re-reading for years.

The book jacket describes Peter Clark as a writer who teaches and a teacher who writes.  Every one of the 50 Tools is followed by a workshop (you know - homework).  I imagine if you successfully completed all of the workshops you'd be one heck of a writer.  Not that I'm likely to complete any of the workshops any time soon.  But I'll think about it.

This is a really good How-To book.  I give it four stars.

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