Monday, July 19, 2010


On Saturday, I did something really stupid and I'm paying for it this week.

My daughter needed to borrow my riding lawn mower.  I went to Lowe's and bought a set of aluminum ramps to facilitate loading the mower into the back of my pickup truck.

I set up the ramps.  Put the mower in neutral and pushed.  The mower went up the ramp about two feet and then began to come back down the ramp.  Not to be out foxed.  I decided to put the mower in gear and drive it up the ramp.

Bad decision.  The mower got up about three feet.  Then, unbalanced, I fell off the back of the mower.  Landing flat on my back.  Then the mower fell over backwards and landed on my chest.

Lying on my back with the mower on my chest, I realized that the gasoline was pouring out of the gas tank onto myself. 

Thanks to lifting weights for the past seven years, I was able to bench press the mower.  It's amazing what adrenaline will do for you.  I probably couldn't press that 350 pounds ever again.  But at the moment, it just had to be done.

Went to the doctor today.  Nothing broken.  But I hurt everywhere.

Hope I can remember how this felt. I'm sure the pain will wind up in a story.

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